Design in Konstanz. Endformat Designstudio. Pascal Rüttenauer & Christina Weinbrenner


Founded in 2016 


Christina Wu & Pascal Wu

Our Manifesto


Sharing our distinctive design perspective with the world.

What drives us


We celebrate Clients with guts, who take the road less taken. We love projects that create an itch. We look for challenges and tasks that defy the status quo.

Balancing Design and Art


We are firm believers in ideas first, style second. Our work is concept-driven, functional yet passionate. We bring artistic value into each collaboration to achieve a straightforward, impactful and memorable outcome.

Co-Creation & Collaboration


We share our characteristic design perspective with each client we work with. In close collaboration we co-create true value without compromise on craft and narrative.

Responsible & sustainable design pracitice


It is our responsibility to guide our collaborations with an awareness of societal impact and business pragmatics. The results will be positive for you and the world. 

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