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our approach

We believe that good design makes a real connection. But this becomes increasingly difficult in a fast-changing world. That’s why we’re determined to continuously explore new and innovative ways for brands to communicate. we dare to tap into new areas for our partners to set themselves apart from the rest.

our studio

We’re not stationed in Hong Kong, London or New York but at the lake of constance, south Germany. Our workspace is humble, but we hustle hard. when we’re not in the studio, we’re all over the place exploring new ideas and looking for exciting subjects to work on.

what we do


• branding & identity
• graphic design
• packaging
• stationary
• social marketing


• websites
• motion graphics
• video & film
• photography
• digital content


• art direction
• pop-up & event design
• collaborations
• illustrations 
• signage

our projects

Our skillset is always developing as we challenge ourselves every day. We welcome change and are willing to explore new techniques and areas. Projects that defy the status quo get us excited, because we love to push the boundaries.